“The true study is of ourselves, not of the forms.”

     Tai-Chi is Chinese for “Grand Ultimate” or “Universal Life Force.”  It is a martial discipline that is most often studied as a science of Chinese kickboxing and self-defense.  The movements of each form, or kata, are like a ballet of powerful martial strikes, punches, blocks and kicks.  They are, however, equally powerful strokes of healing, self-nurturing and exploring of the subtle bodies of our thoughts and emotions – our internal self – our soul. 


     Each kata is based upon the movement of our energy in specific geometric patterns designed to enhance our awareness of our ch’i (Chinese), or ki (Japanese), the substance of Life Force.  The forms are actually sacred rituals of self-awareness principled upon calligraphic symbols found in the Sanskrit Sutras, some of which are used as icons for the most prevalent religious movements known to humankind.  The intent of these symbols is to enable us to gain an understanding and awareness of the energy that we are – of our ch’i, which is the substance of our soul.


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