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Shihan Lynn Montana Freemãn (MM 39342) is a Shihando Reiki Master and the Founder and Grand Master of Shihando.  She is the owner of The Kyrie Center for Body, Mind & Spirit, located in Lithia, Florida, where she teaches Shihando, which applies the alchemy of the higher order of the arts of Reiki and Tai-Chi and Kung Fu forms.  Through the training Shihan Freemãn demonstrates the power inherent in each movement of the forms in terms of what it is doing to alter our perception of who we are.  She teaches the language of the Universal Life Force, and how we speak this language through the practice of form.  Shihan Freemãn studied through the Master level of Reiki as taught by the American Reiki Master Association.  She studied Juai Kung Karbo Kung Fu and Tai-Chi with Master Bert Rodriguez of Dania, Florida, where she earned her certification in the higher order of the system he taught her.  Shihan Freemãn holds a Credentials of Ministry from The Monastery of the Universal Life Church, through which she practices her healing ministry.  She is available for private sessions in Shihando and Shihando Reiki.  She is available for private healing sessions and Shihando Reiki seminars.


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