“This, then, is the key to self-mastery:  We must consciously know and touch and experience our ch’i, our ki, our soul.”



Shihan Freemãn

     Shihan Freemãn is available for private sessions during the weekdays, evenings, and most Saturdays.  She conducts master level Shihando Reiki healing sessions as well as private training in Tai-Chi and Kung Fu forms.  Shihando Reiki sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the client's energy needs.  Private training is an hour lesson.  Students are encouraged to stretch prior to the private lessons.  Shihan Freemãn's private sessions are spiritually and energetically intense and can be very emotional for the student or receiver of Reiki.  Days should be planned accordingly.  The cost for all private sessions, whether Reiki or form work is $75.


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